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horticulture enthusiasts

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My carnivorous plants [16 Apr 2012|08:56am]

Wanted to share some of my carnivorous plants pics. Mostly nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants) since those are my favorites. I keep some of my nepenths as house plants, some outdoors and some in terrariums.

N. bicalcarata Sarawak pitcher detail

First is the Nepenthes bicalcarata. The fanged nepenthes. This is a true lowlander needing warm nights.

Sarracenia Dana's Delight 01

Sarracenia Dana's Delight.

More nepenthes and SarraceniasCollapse )

Cross posted from: ljcps - Livejournal Carnivorous Plant Society. If you like carnivorous plants please stop by. We are trying to come out of a long "dormancy period". ;)
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[06 Sep 2011|11:28pm]

I passed this growing in Cambridge, MA today. Super multi-colored berries/fruits! Any thoughts on what it is? Click for a larger version:
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Newbie Here! [02 Jun 2011|06:52pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys,

So I'm new to gardening, but I love it. I love nature. I love growing things. I love working with my hands and getting dirty. However I really don't know what I'm doing. Haha.

I just bought my first house and I finally have lots of room to plant a bunch of stuff. So on a whim, I bought like over 300 flower bulbs off Amazon, from a company, BulbsDirect (I don't know if you guys are familiar with them, so I'm putting it out there).

I'm in climate zone 6 I think (St. Louis, MO) and I bought:


Anyway I was wondering when I should plant these bulbs? My mother said that generally you plant them in the fall? And I am to plant them it the fall, is there anything that I need to in order to store them properly until then?

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identify me? [10 May 2011|10:51am]

What am I?
I saw this in a garden in Somerville, MA and found it interesting enough to photo for later IDing. Also this is my first post on this community.
x-posted to minerva42
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My poor rosemary [05 Jan 2011|05:28pm]

My rosemary bit the dust. I bought it in august or so. It was doing fine but we have limited window space in the house and it began drooping so I moved it to a more well lit window when I re-potted it, hoping this was the issue. It continued to droop and I came to find out my husband had been watering it behind my back so now I'm not sure if there wasn't proper drainage or not enough sunlight. I cringed when my husband, assuming it was dead for good, took it to the kitchen and yanked a bunch of leaves off it - practically pulling the whole thing out of the pot. If it wasn't done for by then I'm sure the shock of that less than a month after re-potting certainly killed it.

If anyone has any tips on how to root rosemary or just any tips in general that would be fabulous. This is my first post to any horticulture community and I'm pretty new to the entire hobby, having just moved from Florida to Maine. Things never really needed my help to grow in Florida, the hobby is a lot more complex when working with all four seasons.
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Plant ID? [04 Jul 2010|08:56am]

These vines are coming up all over my garden. They grow very fast and wrap around other plants. The dirt came from a lower part of the yard and I don't remember seeing these vines in that area before.



I live in the Atlanta, GA area.
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Mum disease? [13 Oct 2009|01:31pm]

Hi everyone. I have a problem with my container mums developing black spots and since I have a brown thumb, I thought I would ask the experts. Is this normal, and if not what can I do to get rid of it?

Mods if this isn't allowed please delete it! Thanks for all of your help!

Black spots aheadCollapse )
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[10 Aug 2009|01:50pm]


Purple fountain grass catching some final Texas rays from the day-star.
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Encylopedia Of Life [15 Jul 2009|01:50pm]

So it's not really a photo I'm sharing, but an amazing collection of photos that extends into the animal realm as well as plant. It's called the Encyclopedia Of Life.


I have seen some amazing photos in this community before, so I thought some of you might want to share them on this database. Or if not, then browse what others have contributed, help future identifications, etc. I thought it was just too cool and had to share! Have fun exploring out there all!
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Weed? ID Please [29 Jun 2009|12:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I have a four foot monster growing in the middle of a bed of pachysandra. Does anyone know what it is? I am very tempted to cut it down. It just really doesn't belong there but I've been fascinated watching it grow.

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ID [02 Jun 2009|09:28am]

Found about 5700' elevation west side Sierras mid state CACollapse )

36 latitude -118 longitude 5700' elevation. West side Sierra Nevada mid state CA. Many of the plants up there only grow and bloom in short windows of time. Any help is appreciated!

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my new transplants are in the ground [20 May 2009|11:52am]

[ mood | content ]

Boats in backyard with irisesBoats in backyard with irises

Here are my boats, waiting for the muddy rain waters to flow past the town so we can go canoing again. See the flowers, they are irises that smell like grape Koolaide.
chives and tomatoeschives and tomatoes

I planted the flowering chives last year and watched the deer avoid the tasty spinach just beyond them. This year, I'm growing tomatoes and peppers instead. Our ground made the spinach taste bitter and the slugs LOVED it...gross...

These are heirloom Mariglobe tomatoes, we've planted a total of nine plants throughout the garden. I'm hoping they will grow up through this bit of old metal shelving...
Pepper cagesPepper cages

I only have one Jalepeno...two O's???? this one will grow up in this vynil coated cage for both support and protection.
Squire Phillip,  guardian of the gardenSquire Phillip, guardian of the garden

I've planted squasha nd melons between the dayliilies and sedums. I also have an ugly wildflower, with makes hunders of tiny little yellow blooms up a 8foot tall stalk. My husband hates this beast..they have roots 3 inches thick and over a foot deep. The reason why I'm keeping this one and hoping for more is that they provide the native sources of seeds for gold finches and other migratory birds, and since I live right on the banks of hte New River, I get lots of these little guys taking shelter and feeding in my gardens in the mid-seasons.

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Obama Victory Garden [16 May 2009|12:10pm]

I used to put out a big vegetable garden, then we moved to a small towen that was infested with white tail deer.  Since the economy turned belly up, the hunters have had more time to get deer in season, and more need, and now I need  more veggies to support the family food budget.  I ripped up a third of my daylilies and other rootstock and fence off the corner for veggies.

I've planted corn and squash, pole beens and beets and yesterday I purchase tomato and pepper starts.  Wish me luck!
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[16 May 2009|01:55am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi there. I'm a horticulture student at Clackamas Community College in Oregon. I've worked in landscape maintenance and construction off and on for over 10 years, and am a gardener by choice:) Plants are fascinating. I was originally a bird enthusiast, and got interested in plants by having to do vegetation surveys on bird research projects. As in, "OK, learn these 60 or so deciduous trees and shrubs tonight, 'cause we're going out tomorrow to do vegetation surveys." Before then, I never knew we had 16 species of Oaks in my area...

I'm glad to have found this community and look forward to sharing stories, and here's to a great growing season!

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[28 Feb 2009|04:20am]


Agave Spike.
Don't do it!
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Plant ID [25 Feb 2009|01:05pm]

Hey all,

I'm really hoping someone can help me identify this houseplant. My mother-in-law swears it's some sort of Dracaena, but I have my doubts because the leaves look too wide, and the plant itself is too large (in relation to the leaves) to be a Dracaena.

So if you know what it is, please let me know. Even if you think you know what genus it's from, that would be a big help too! This is the LAST houseplant that I haven't identified yet!

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I have found out that it is actually called a Ti Plant, and it's from Hawaii! Thanks for your help!
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Natural World A Farm for a Future [18 Feb 2009|10:08am]

[ mood | productive ]

Wildlife film maker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family's farm in Devon into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key.


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Bachelor in Horticulture [17 Feb 2009|09:34am]

Does anyone know of any colleges that offer a bachelors degree in horticulture. I've already googled it and everything. I've been to myplan and college board. I'm just looking for something I missed. Thanks for any help you can give. A degree in horticultural science is what I searched for.
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[15 Feb 2009|04:06am]


Cave dwelling stonecrop succulent in one of my "holey rocks".

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