sifally (sifally) wrote in horticulture,

My poor rosemary

My rosemary bit the dust. I bought it in august or so. It was doing fine but we have limited window space in the house and it began drooping so I moved it to a more well lit window when I re-potted it, hoping this was the issue. It continued to droop and I came to find out my husband had been watering it behind my back so now I'm not sure if there wasn't proper drainage or not enough sunlight. I cringed when my husband, assuming it was dead for good, took it to the kitchen and yanked a bunch of leaves off it - practically pulling the whole thing out of the pot. If it wasn't done for by then I'm sure the shock of that less than a month after re-potting certainly killed it.

If anyone has any tips on how to root rosemary or just any tips in general that would be fabulous. This is my first post to any horticulture community and I'm pretty new to the entire hobby, having just moved from Florida to Maine. Things never really needed my help to grow in Florida, the hobby is a lot more complex when working with all four seasons.
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