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my new transplants are in the ground

Boats in backyard with irisesBoats in backyard with irises

Here are my boats, waiting for the muddy rain waters to flow past the town so we can go canoing again. See the flowers, they are irises that smell like grape Koolaide.
chives and tomatoeschives and tomatoes

I planted the flowering chives last year and watched the deer avoid the tasty spinach just beyond them. This year, I'm growing tomatoes and peppers instead. Our ground made the spinach taste bitter and the slugs LOVED it...gross...

These are heirloom Mariglobe tomatoes, we've planted a total of nine plants throughout the garden. I'm hoping they will grow up through this bit of old metal shelving...
Pepper cagesPepper cages

I only have one Jalepeno...two O's???? this one will grow up in this vynil coated cage for both support and protection.
Squire Phillip,  guardian of the gardenSquire Phillip, guardian of the garden

I've planted squasha nd melons between the dayliilies and sedums. I also have an ugly wildflower, with makes hunders of tiny little yellow blooms up a 8foot tall stalk. My husband hates this beast..they have roots 3 inches thick and over a foot deep. The reason why I'm keeping this one and hoping for more is that they provide the native sources of seeds for gold finches and other migratory birds, and since I live right on the banks of hte New River, I get lots of these little guys taking shelter and feeding in my gardens in the mid-seasons.

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