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Croton seems to be dying, can it be saved?

Can't take pictures right now, so I can't show what it looks like.

But, I have a croton I got from my aunt several years ago. I actually had two, and they both did well for a long time, but one died in the last several months. The other seemed to be going strong, however now it seems to be starting to go, too. Leaves are falling off pretty quickly and some are getting droopy even though it doesn't need watered.

I use plantfood in it that's always seemed to do it good in the past. My pets knocked all but maybe three leaves from each plant when I first got them, so I bought some KGro (generic Miracle Grow) and it seemed to do them wonderfully. I don't know what the numbers on it mean, but it has the numbers 15-30-15 on it.

I really don't want my plant to die, but I'm not sure what's wrong with it, how to save it, or even if it can be saved. I know I haven't really given a lot of info but there isn't much to say. The leaves aren't changing strange colors, they're just dropping off. I'm really hoping I can keep this one from going the way of it's brother. I was pretty upset when the first one died off. :( Plus, I can't even get replacements because I don't seem to have as much luck keeping new plants alive. The ones from my aunt I've had for 6 or 7 years now, and any I buy from a store seem to die within months. :(
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